NYPD Captain Victor Asante, an African American with short, black, curly hair and a big potato nose, was eating a cheeseburger on the job in his command office as a phone call forced him to speed up his chewing to answer:

“Excuse me captain…”
<<Yes, tell me Allison!>>
“The new inspector Filip Kamiński has just arrived, shall I have him wait or come to you right away? I know he is on his lunch break right now…”
<<Have him come to my office immediately!>>

“Not even a thank you he’s such a redneck directly descended from monkeys!” thought Allison, a young military woman, looking just typical of her native Scotland: white complexion with freckles all over and short red hair. She was a novice trainee whose job at that time was that of the entrance concierge at the NYPD building. The woman smiled at Kamiński, who showed up dressed in a full blue suit and light blue shirt, no tie. Before she told the man that he could go to Captain Asante and show him the way, she observed him for a few seconds and noticed that he looked like “Kamiński” i.e., Polish, even though he was of German nationality, but still of Polish descent: very white complexion, blond hair, mustache and eyebrows. Brown eyes and the serious gaze of the man who would not even smile at a woman’s shapely, naked ass.

The inspector arrived at the captain’s office, who was still nibbling on his cheeseburger.

<<Please take a seat in that chair, Kamiński>>, Asante said, pointing to the chair in front of him with his left hand and holding the large sandwich with his right. Some yellowish sauce descended on the fingers of the African American who licked them greedily. The inspector witnessed the scene as he sat down and made a disgusted mouth expression.
<<I was expecting you later inspector. I’m sorry because if I had known earlier, I would have ordered a cheeseburger for you too.>>
<<That’s okay captain>>, replied Kamiński, just out of politeness, maintaining a repulsive expression.
Asante continued in his barbaric open-mouthed chewing and grabbed a can of Coke to take a sip.
The inspector watched him, noticing the liquid flowing down his esophagus, temporarily highlighting an adam’s apple that seemed to be leaking from a fat neck, in which he was imprisoned.

A bombastic belch followed a vocal, annoyed extension of satisfaction.
<<Excuse me inspector but this drink is such a bitch, I can’t help burping after drinking it>>, said the captain, smiling. Bits of vegetables got stuck between some very white teeth.
He took a paper in his hand and said:
<<I see that you, Filip Kamiński, are 55 years old and quickly burned through all the stages to become a police inspector. In the 1980s, he obtained the rank of lieutenant in the “Grenztruppen der DDR,” under the East German government, and then as soon as the East German government fell and even before the phantom wall fell completely, he immediately applied for political asylum in West Germany, to be immediately enlisted in the Police force. And only after a few months he immigrated here to the States and immediately got hired by us in the NYPD after brilliantly passing the competition. I see that he obviously knows German and the language of his Polish mother. But also English and Italian, how is that possible?>>
<<English I learned as an autodidact, while Italian because I had an important love affair as a young man with a Sicilian woman when I went on vacation with my parents>>, replied the inspector.

<<Well, then! This is the “Missing young women” file, there are of course photos and various details about the young extras>>, continued Asante handing it to his subordinate.
Kamiński opened it and consulted it carefully as the captain finished his caveman lunch.

– First missing woman: Patricia Williams. Date of disappearance May 26, 1990. Age 22. From Manhattan. Lived with parents: Robert Williams and Grace Smith and a 17-year-old brother named David.
5’5″ tall. Light brown hair, brown eyes, thin lips and short arched nose.
Distinguishing marks: none. A student at Marymount college in New York City, she supported her studies by working at a fast food restaurant on Manhattan’s Central Park West. On the very night she went to work, she never returned home.

Second missing woman: Florinda Jones. Date of disappearance August 12, 1990. 1920s. from New York City. Only child, lived with her parents; George Jones and Catherine De Palma. 5’7″ tall. Blond hair, blue eyes, full lips and aquiline nose.
Distinguishing marks: a tattoo of a butterfly on her right breast. Worker at a toy factory in Manhattan.
Also disappeared one day she went to work. –

“The two missing women are young, not particularly flashy, quite normal, ordinary girls and both presumably disappeared in Manhattan…,” the inspector thought as he closed the file and placed it on the table. He waited for Asante to lay out for him the plan of the investigation.
<<So Mr. Kamiński, I am entrusting you with this case. In the file you will find the telephone numbers of the Williams and Jones families. You will have full autonomy in the investigation and report back to me in two weeks.>>

Asante stood up and greeted the inspector by extending his big hand to him.


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