When Kamiński left the Williams family home, he still took a cab to his abode: a small apartment in Manhattan’s “East Village” neighborhood.
It was a few minutes past 5 p.m. and therefore traffic was very heavy.
“Good thing I didn’t use the NYPD squad car, at least I can relax in this cab on my way home,” the inspector thought.
But he still took the opportunity to consult Patricia’s diary. She read some names written in beautiful handwriting:
Allison, Ellen, Gabriel, Chloe, Evan, Emily, Gwenda, Gavin…and respective phone numbers.
“It will be interesting to see which of these names belonged to Fast Food colleagues,” the inspector said to himself.
Turning from one page to the next, he paused over a few where some beautiful, profound sentences were written:

“Life is difficult, and if we already often take our negative side too seriously, then yes, life is really difficult and tiring. We need to be more positive and not take ourselves too seriously!”

“The evening always leaves a patina of melancholy on people as they hurry back from work, to return to their homes. And it seems that everything that lives, falls asleep as the sun goes down and their shadows disappear as well as our wishes that have come up and never come true.”

“Peace forever in humanity will be truly such, only if it is first found by each one of us in himself-if every man and woman has freed himself from hatred against his neighbor, of whatever race or people, if he has overcome this hatred and transformed it into something different, perhaps in the long run into love if that is not too much to ask.”

“To leave someone you love completely free, to leave them completely free to make their own life, is the hardest thing there is.”

“The humble daisy that greets me in the morning in the park, at my meeting with the day and braving the cold, knows that I will be so pleased to meet her and seems to turn gratifyingly to my smug gaze.”

“Each of us should be like flowers: blooming and bearing fruit in whatever soil we are planted in-couldn’t this be the idea of a just and perhaps joyful life?”

Kaminsky was moved and took poor Grace’s unused cotton handkerchief from his trouser pocket and glancing at the taxi driver he noticed that she was watching him from the rearview mirror; so he pretended to sneeze and blew his nose.
<<This damned allergy is plaguing me!>>
<<Ah yes, I guess it is very bothersome… >>, said the driver to his customer.
More pages were read by the inspector. They were pages that talked about the character of some friends and girlfriends but then he lingered on one that talked about a person, evidently a frequent visitor to the Fast Food joint where Patricia worked:

“Yesterday I met at work a very interesting person. I like her long blond hair, which she sometimes keeps loose and other times she gathers in a ponytail. I also like his blue eyes.”

“The blond boy’s name is Steve and I like him so much because I couldn’t give him an age, he’s very young and at the same time he looks so mature that I would give him about forty years old.”

“Steve comes to eat at the Fast Food now every day and he really seems to like her.”

The inspector thought about Mom Grace’s words:

“Don’t mind the mess Inspector, Patricia was a bit of an introvert and a bit shy around strangers and probably also afraid of seeming unlikeable and lonely in the eyes of others. It was a reserve of hers that hid the most beautiful parts of her character. When the girl understood that a person could be trusted she became more lively and a little crazy.”

And he read again the words written by the girl in her diary:

“It’s been too many evenings now that Steve has been asking to accompany me home, but I’m not too convinced to accept his proposal because when I ask him personal questions he changes the subject or is vague.”

After reading that sentence, Kamiński noticed that it was the last one written by Patricia since then the subsequent pages were all blank.

The sentence was written on the page dated May 25, 1990.


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