The blue Cadillac proceeded down Houston Street toward the fast food restaurant where Patricia worked.
<<It’s not long, 3 or 4 blocks maximum, but with this damn traffic it will still take a long time. It seemed strange to me that we would find smooth transit the whole way>>, said Cammarata who was driving.
Kaminsky took the opportunity to establish a confidential dialogue with his new colleague:
<<Did you know Eva that my ex-girlfriend from my youth, Romina, was Sicilian just like your father and looked a lot like you?>>
<<Wow! Thank you Filip I must take it therefore as a compliment that I am youthful?>>
<<Yes, of course and she was also very beautiful like you, typical Mediterranean charm.>>
<<That is why then, when we met in Asante’s office you had an astonished face>>, asserted the woman and turning briefly to observe her colleague, she noticed that he was blushing.
<<But you Filip are also very youthful, I can see that you have few white hairs. But tell me a curiosity: “Kaminsky ” is a Polish surname right? >>
<<Of course, my parents were Polish and emigrated to Germany for work. I was born in Frankfurt. What are your Hobbies, passions besides engines?>>.
Eva smiled and answered:
<< Fashion, as soon as I can I like to go to see the fashion shows of Italian designers, of course. She thinks that I will have the chance to meet a myth of mine: Gianni Versace, thanks to a friend of mine who is a seamstress, at the upcoming “New York Fashion Week.” I also love to cook so much, obviously my forte is Italian dishes. And what passions do you have instead? >>
<<I like skiing and playing tennis, but I haven’t practiced them for several years now. I also like to play billiards.>>

<<We have finally arrived>>, Cammarata said.

The two colleagues, once they parked their car, entered the fast food restaurant to go directly to talk to the manager who was waiting for them at the cash register.
<<Good morning Mr. Kaminsky>>
<<Good morning to you Mr. Garcia, meet my FBI colleague Eva Cammarata.>>
Garcia gave the woman a big 36-tooth smile and said:
<<I’m sorry that we just recently installed video surveillance and therefore could not fulfill your request for the recording VHSs, however, as agreed, Ellen’s shift starts this morning, the only colleague Patricia had befriended.>>
<<Well, has she arrived yet?>>, asked the inspector.
<<Yes, look, she is coming out of the locker room right now.>>
<<Can you direct us to a table where we can sit down to ask her questions?>>
<<Yes, of course.>>

They sat down. Ellen was wearing the same uniform as Garcia: blue polo shirt with two vertical stripes on the side in red and white. The young club employee had a very different complexion and facial features than her boss: she light skin with freckles, green eyes and red hair, while he mulatto skin, dark brown eyes and hair.
Ellen responded very willingly to Kaminsky’s questions. The inspector did not use the audio recorder as his colleague transcribed Ellen’s answers into a notebook:

<<The last night you saw Patricia at work and also in the days before, do you remember if she was strange, nervous, anything peculiar about her?>>
<<No, not at all, in fact, she was very serene and her eyes were shining.>>
<<Why? >>
<<Because she had decided to be accompanied home by the young blond customer.>>
<<Is this her assumption or had she told him? >>
<<She had not told me specifically but I perceived it clearly.>>
<<Do you remember any other details about this young blond client?>>
<<He had blue eyes and wore his hair long, sometimes loose and sometimes pulled back into a ponytail.>>
<<After the disappearance of his friend colleague did you see him again in this club?>>
<<No, I never saw him again.>>
<<Are you really sure?>>
<<Yes, such a hottie does not go unnoticed.>>
<<Do you know his name?>>
<<Yes, Steven, no actually sorry, no, his name was Steve, I’m sure Steve.>>
<<Okay Ellen, I would say that’s enough.>>
<<Would you please be willing to come to our NPYD offices, as soon as possible, to do a sketch of this individual?>>
<<Yes, certainly.>>

Not many miles away, in the darkness, a hand was writing on a white sheet of paper illuminated by dim candlelight.
The hand was guided by two blue but icy eyes:

“Time has stopped on your beautiful lifeless eyes, still shiny but dead. You are now already pale because I have drunk most of your blood and fed on your flesh. Your facial expression has remained as gentle as the first day I met you. You yourself, with part of your body, will be the protagonist along with others in the story of my divine design. If you knew how exciting and wonderful it was to kill you and then to have made you part of me. In the garden of my heart
there is always a place for you.
Now I feel stronger than God, so be it.”


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