<<…When in the evening the light falls
and the air softens the thought
Is tinged with something stirred, like
your long hair moved by the wind
framing two blue eyes and I feel like dancing my love, thinking intensely of you….

I would definitely say that there is a connection between Patricia’s disappearance and Emily. And this connection is in the person of this phantom Steve with long blond hair and blue eyes>>, said Captain Victor Asante sitting in his office addressing Kaminsky and Cammarata sitting in front of his desk.

He had just read aloud the report of their subordinates and the final part of the letter typed by the handwriting experts after verifying Emily’s original written in her own hand. The text was the continuation of which the missing girl’s mother was unable to read due to too much emotion.

<<I have already called a press conference for tonight at 5 p.m. here in the NYPD conference room. At that venue I hope that as many news outlets as possible and even TV Networks will be there, because I will promulgate the sketch of this Steve.>>
As the commander spoke, Cammarata made obvious disgusted facial expressions, addressing them to his colleague at the side.
<<Excuse me captain but I’m not too well, I’m going out of the office for a moment.>>
<<All right Cammarata go ahead, wait outside for your colleague anyway, this briefing was coming to an end anyway.>>
<<Okay, goodbye captain.>>
<<Goodbye lieutenant.>>

The woman went out into the hallway and threw open the first window within reach. She looked out and then inhaled and exhaled as much air as possible, like a diver emerging from the water after several minutes without the aid of oxygen tanks.

<<How are you doing Eva, everything okay?>>, Kaminsky asked on his way out of Asante’s office as she was closing the window.
<<Yes Filip, everything is fine>>, replied the woman plugging her mouth with one hand to hold back embarrassed laughter and took her colleague by the hand, bashful in the face, forcing him to go to the women’s toilet with her.
<<What is it then Eva! What on earth is going on?>>, said the inspector, transforming his gaze from astonished to smiling.
<<Ah ha ha, sorry Filip but I couldn’t take it anymore! I dragged you with me to the bathroom so I can laugh freely and explain everything to you: but couldn’t you smell what his breath smelled like?>>
<<Ah ha ha, not so much, maybe because you were right in front of him and caught all of his halitosis..ha ha.>>
<<That means that at the next briefing you will sit opposite him!>>, asserted Cammarata.
<<Nooo…>>, said Kaminsky.
<<Yeah…>>, countered Cammarata.
No, yes, no, yes, no, until the inspector passionately kissed his colleague on the mouth.

<<What are you doing Filip!>>, said the woman, throwing a resounding slap on the man’s cheek, which turned red as a tomato and became red as a plum.
<<I’m sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have, you are so beautiful and you remind me so much of my ex…>>, Kaminsky justified himself.

<<It’s kind of my fault Filip, when you told me about your ex the other day and basically wooed me, I should have already set the record straight with you. Anyway I wanted to invite you tonight to Gianni Versace’s “New York Fashion Week” so you would keep me company. The invitation still remains open, are you in? And so tonight you will understand everything…>>

<<Of course dear, replied the inspector, not too convinced, showing a face returned red as a tomato.>>

Meanwhile, in another place, dark and in a completely different atmosphere, not goliardic and passionate but definitely grim and ghostly, 2 naked legs that looked like a mannequin’s could be glimpsed. Bloodstained hands carefully stared at a headless torso above the lower limbs. The hands picked up a clean rag and a bottle of alcohol. A blond-haired shadow guided the hands to thoroughly clean the torso of blood.

A voice with a French accent was being emitted by the shadow:
<<Have you seen master? Have I been good so far?>>


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