The evening at “New York Fashion Week” had a magical atmosphere in Inspector Kaminsky’s eyes and ears.
He felt as if he were living a daydream.
He had seen fashion shows sporadically only on TV and never experienced them live.
There was the song “One Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head playing in the background as the models went back and forth on the runway.

A slender brunette with very long hair, resting on her left shoulder, dark round eyes and a tapered face, walked elegantly with her back straight but gave the impression of being a newcomer to the profession, as she looked at the floor from time to time; however, she wore very casually a long-sleeved, short-skirted dress in alternating colored checks, from top to bottom: in white, black, verdino, purple, yellow, purple, black, light green, black.

Another young, mulatto, long-limbed supermodel, with full heart-shaped lips typical of Polynesian women, almond-shaped brown eyes under a high forehead due to her long hair pulled back, gave evidence that she had already walked catwalks halfway around the world; she wore a short skirt and jacket outfit in ethno chic colors.
Meanwhile, sitting down, at Kaminsky’s side, was Eva Cammarata:

<<So Filip, do you like this Gianni Versace spring/summer couture show?>>
<<How not dear? Beautiful…>>
<<I sincerely thank my seamstress friend Catherine who just introduced me to the great designer, backstage.>>

“Give my heartfelt thanks to your bed partner, why do you still call her a friend?” the inspector said to himself, giving her a bright smile. So he thought of his embarrassment half an hour earlier, though indeed he must have expected it, when they entered the building and went directly to the tailoring room. As soon as they crossed the threshold, Eva ran into Catherine’s arms and kissed her with her tongue, for several seconds, so much so that Kaminsky had to interrupt the salivary pumping by pretending to cough. He finally got to know Catherine by noting her charms: natural blond hair in a bob, large green eyes and taller than Eva by at least two inches.

The parade ended. Kaminsky and Cammarata were invited by Catherine to a small reception, hosted in the local tailor’s shop by a fellow hairdresser who had a birthday. The inspector ate just a few snacks but drank a lot of wine, too much wine. He got drunk until he lost consciousness.

…dodo several hours….

Kaminsky awoke suddenly on a bed that was not his own. The room was dimly lit by an abat jour placed on a bedside table. He was still dressed in a jacket and tie, but loose. He lifted his upper body and sat up noticing that he was barefoot. He saw that his shoes were on the floor. He put them on. He got up with a strong feeling of nausea and so he looked for the bathroom in an apartment, unknown to him, so he could vomit. As soon as he left the room, he immediately saw a door to his right despite the semi-darkness . He opened it and ascertained that it was a bathroom, so he went in. Finding the toilet seat already up, he immediately stuck his head in it to vomit freely.
As soon as he flushed he seemed to hear female moans of enjoyment. As soon as he came out of the bathroom and found himself in the hallway the moans were increasingly intense to his ears and he realized that they were coming from the bottom and perceived that the same ones were emitted by two different people. He could not resist the temptation to go and see. A pornographic scene of two completely naked women on the couch presented itself before his eyes. They were Eva and Catherine in the position of “69” . They were licking each other’s pussy, even more eagerly and passionately than a few hours earlier, when they kissed each other with their tongues. Kaminsky returned to bed excited beyond belief but fell asleep immediately as he was very tired.


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