Kaminsky woke up in a daze again. He was having a bad dream and was interrupted by a female voice calling his name. He was still lying on a bed that was not his own. It was morning as he struggled to open his eyes because of the glare of the sun coming through the window. As soon as his pupils adjusted to the light, he saw in front of him, at the foot of the bed, his colleague Eva Cammarata, fully dressed in a suit with a beige skirt and ivory sheer tights.
<<Are they your house or Catherine’s house?>>
<<My house, Catherine just left.>>
<<How on earth did I get here? I remember we were at the refreshment in the fashion house…>>
<<I’ll explain everything to you when we’re in the car. Come on up and get ready, I’ll give you just five minutes. You know what Asante is like no? When he calls early in the morning and asks to go to his office right away, you need to hurry. He called your house, he couldn’t find you. Moreover, you didn’t even hear your buzzer to call him and so he called my house, quite pissed off because you didn’t answer the phone and didn’t call him back. Think of a believable ball to tell him as soon as we are at the station.>>
In just over five minutes Kamiński was in the car with Cammarata. He was just in time to urinate, wash his face, put on his shoes, and fix his tie. He already had his jacket, shirt, and pants on in bed.
<<I don’t understand what has gotten into you Filip! It’s okay that we were off duty, but you drank yourself into unconsciousness like a sponge. We had a hard time Catherine and I loading you into the car and taking you to my house. Lucky that Gianni Versace was not at the refreshment, otherwise you think…what a fool you would have made of me!?>>

The inspector, very red in the face, did not answer in shame.
Cammarata drove keeping his gaze fixed toward the windshield, as if trying to electrocute the cars in front of him with his eyes.
<<There is crazy traffic for a change!>>, said the woman and then, as if she were a dog sniffing with her nose, she said:
<<My mother inspector, you smell like crap. I almost look for a store where I can buy a gas mask. Between your foul smell of alcohol, sweat, and Asante’s halitosis, I really think I’m going to lose my senses too… >> and burst out laughing heartily involving Kamiński as well. The laughter continued for a few seconds until the man countered:
<<You are such a bitch Eva!>> and instinctively put his left hand on her thigh. Cammarata immediately detached his “dead hand” and said:
<<So my dear, you still don’t get it?>> and turning, briefly, his gaze, somewhat serious and then immediately smiling toward that of his colleague, he saw that she was bursting into thunderous laughter again. And so they laughed out loud again in unison.
<<It’s only a few blocks to the station. Can I tell you about a bad dream that you interrupted by waking me up?>>
<<Of course, tell me.>>

<<We were at the refreshment and yet, although I knew you and Catherine were there, I did not see you. Many people present I didn’t know, but then I saw two women having a drink and they looked like, remembering them from the pictures, Patricia and Emily. But then a blond man with long hair appeared, holding a tray in his hand. His face was without a mouth or nose and he had only two blue eyes.
The two young women placed their glass on the tray and talked to the blond waiter. I approached them and asked:
“Have you seen Eva and Catherine by any chance?”
The man’s back was turned. Patricia and Emily turned their faces toward me and replied, in unison, in a metallic male voice:
“They left with Steve… “
They disappeared, first the man and then the two women.>>


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