Kamiński sat across from Captain Asante, while Cammarata sat next to his colleague.
The inspector did not even have to justify himself for not answering the phone that morning, because the commander was very excited about something new: portable telephones – called cell phones – had been assigned to the NYPD.
<<Here’s one device each. They are Motorola DynaTac 8000Xs. These devilries are called cell phones and they allow them to talk to you from miles and miles away.>>
The two subordinates looked between their hands at the white object, about the size of a toy model boat without the sails. They held it in their hands, observing the keys as well, while Asante spoke to them:
<<Strong, aren’t they? They are not complicated to use, they are no more, no less, like handheld landline phones, only you can take them with you wherever you go and communicate with landline phones and of course with other cell phones as well. There are buttons to dial the phone number, then button to activate the call and answer and red button to end the call. Fantastic guys!>>

Kamiński was quite enthusiastic but noticed that Cammarata was a bit downcast.
“I guess the dream I told you about must have upset you a bit. Strange though, as an F.B.I. agent she should be prepared. She obviously cares about her partner Catherine, and like any self-respecting love affair, she is worried about her. He is afraid that his work might involve her.”

<<Well, now go ahead and lay the devices on my desk because, alas, I have received another missing persons report that adds to the “Missing young women” file. This is a 24-year-old young nun from St. James Cathedral. Her name is Evelyn Martin and you will need to go immediately to the large church located in Brooklyn. There Matilde Espinosa, an elderly mother superior, awaits you.
The commander placed on the desk, in Kamiński’s direction, the folder concerning the missing nun.
<<You may go now and tomorrow I will expect, as soon as possible, the usual report. Good work and have a good day.>>

The inspector and the officer said goodbye to Asante and left the office to go to the Brooklyn diocese.

The blue Cadillac drove down the island of Manhattan.
<<Forgive me Filip but I’m going to turn on the radio a bit now, I really don’t feel like talking, I need to empty my mind a bit…>>
<<No problem Eva…>>

“According to police data, Philadelphia, the nation’s sixth largest city, recorded 523 homicides as of Dec. 9. This is significantly more than the 443 recorded in New York City, despite having about six times fewer residents. The other cities that reached the grim mark are Columbus (Ohio), Indianapolis (Indiana), Louisville (Kentucky), St Paul (Minnesota), Portland (Oregon), Tucson (Arizona), Toledo, (Ohio), Baton Rouge (Louisiana), Austin (Texas)…”
Cammarata huffed and changed to a station playing music:

“… He fills me up (he fills me up)
He gives me love
More, more love, more love (more love),
More love, more love (than I’ve ever seen)
He’s all I’ve got (he’s all I’ve got)
He’s all I got in this world
But he’s all the man, all the man
(All the man, all the man I need)… “

<<What a beautiful song, this Filip is Whitney Houston.>>
<<Ah yes Eva, I like it very much too.>>

“… He fills me up (woo)
More love than I’ve ever seen
He’s all I’ve got
All the man, all the man I need.”

But soon after the song ended they gave news again:

“Lech Wałęsa has won the presidential election, defeating Prime Minister Mazowiecki and other candidates, becoming Poland’s first freely elected head of state in 63 years and the first non-Communist head of state in 45 years… “
<<This is great news from my parents’ dear homeland. Can you turn off the radio for a moment Eva? I want to try this cell phone.>>
The colleague, turned it off and with an astonished look asked him:
<<What do you have to do? Phone your relatives in Poland? I guess the line doesn’t reach there… >>
<<But no, ha ha, I make a phone call to Alison at the station.>>

Eva Cammarata shook her head, smiling.


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