<<Make yourself comfortable in that desk chair Mr. Kamiński.>>
<<No, thank you Sister Matilde. I prefer to stand.>>
The mother superior saw on the inspector’s face an eagerness similar to that of a child who couldn’t wait to know if Santa Claus really existed.
<<In fact, if you don’t mind, I’ll lean on the desk. I feel more comfortable here>>
He also detected her uncertain and impatient attitude, typical childish.

<<Evelyn is no longer alive now. I am convinced, she has been murdered, cut into pieces and eaten almost completely by a maniac.>>

Kamiński did not fall to the floor due to the fact that he had his feet firmly on the floor and just his butt resting on the desk top.
“This is out of her mind! What the hell is she talking about? I have to stand here and listen to a crazy old nun? I’m leaving right now on any pretext!” the man said to himself as he observed, with a very troubled look on his face, the nun.
Matilde Espinosa, as if she had read in the eyes of her interlocutor, her thoughts, said:
<<I know you inspector are thinking that I am an old fool and want to go away. But now I convince you that I am not telling lies and it is provable. Is he still determined to leave? >>
The inspector stood up, curled his blond mustache as he looked down at the floor, as if searching for a tile that would give a logical reason for lingering in that room of St. James Cathedral. Then he leaned back on the desk again with his butt and said, in a sympathetic tone of voice:
<<All right, show me something to convince me.>>
<<I possess clairvoyant gifts. I am like that as a child. And I must tell you that, because of this, I did not have an easy childhood. I was always laughed at by many people throughout the years of my youth and then, growing up, I also encountered quite a lot of difficulties when I decided to take vows to become a nun. I was also punished by the papal church but then, finally, in these last years, I was able to become mother superior and live peacefully, until, unfortunately, this dramatic event of Evelyn happened and I will never rest until this maniac is caught.>>

A few moments passed in which the nun was pervaded by obvious emotion. She took a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped away tears that ran down her wrinkled cheeks. While Kamiński did not get involved she looked toward the window. <<In my visions I was able to see the maniac, not really well defined as a physiognomy, but at least that he has long blond hair and blue eyes.>>

“That’s not possible! Can it be pure luck? The sketch of the suspect Steve has not yet been released,” thought the inspector.
<<I see a certain astonishment on his face. But I’ll tell you more: the maniac sometimes gathers his hair into a ponytail.>>

<<But now you must help me understand, however, how a stranger could have managed to take a nun from a church undisturbed? I know for a fact that two missing young women had constant contact with the same person matching your description. They were seduced by him and then vanished into thin air…>>
<<But look, in this diocese we are not cloistered nuns. We come out of this church and lead a life like all normal people. Of course, we have behaviors to follow, rules to abide by, we don’t go to discos or get drunk in beer halls, but we live normally. I knew sister Evelyn very well. She was very young when she joined our sorority and had several crises that almost led her to abandon the robe, but she always came back to her steps. It may be that this blond-haired, blue-eyed maniac was able to make his charms work on her as well.>>
<<But now tell me about how he came to have these visions about killing Evelyn.>>
<<As soon as Evelyn no longer returned to our abode, I began to have visions because I was always in close contact with her, but they were gloomy. As soon as I took in my hands the objects or clothing of her daily use, toothbrush rather than tights, I could glimpse some more details. But they were chilling details, grisly enough to literally twist one’s stomach:
a naked man with long blond hair, holding a hatchet with which he was cutting my poor Evelyn to pieces. The blood being piped into a glass and the maniac drinking it like water taken from a fountain…>>

<<Enough, enough Sister Matilde, that can be enough! I would say she was very comprehensive! I will leave you now, however you understand that I should write these statements in my report, but I don’t think my police command will take them seriously.>>
<<Of course but you will see that then she will come back with other people to me…>>
<<What makes you think I will come back to her?>>
<<The simple fact that I will understand the whereabouts of the cannibalistic maniac! At the moment I catch a glimpse in my visions of a large brown and gray house surrounded by greenery. It is probably on the outskirts of New York City. If only I had in my hands some personal belongings of the other missing young women, I could locate the area cardinal points with a very low error approximation.>>

<<I salute you Sister Matilda…>>
Kaminsky said and left, shaking his head.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Raritan Bay, in a bathroom, there was the blue-eyed man, completely naked in front of a mirror. He was cutting his blond hair with a large scissor until it was very short. He then took a small bottle of black hair dye from a cabinet….


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