And morning came.
It was a white morning, gray and gloomy with smog. There was the presence of unhealthy air, contaminated also by that innate wickedness of the human son-in-law….
As witnessed in the Holy Scriptures, that cruelty originated from God who condemned Cain to be forever a wanderer and placed a mark on him as a brand, but forbade him to be killed:
“Whoever did so would suffer vengeance sevenfold.”

…Thus, that morning, accomplice also to a slight cold breeze, coming from the sea, the atmosphere that caressed the chaotic urban agglomeration of New York City, made up of concrete, metal and little vegetation; so much so that it let thoughts slip about the fatuity of the existence of every living form.
The first light of day pierced through the living room window, where Kaminsky and Cammarata slept. They were both resting on the same sofa, without having removed their work clothes from the day before: the woman on top of the man with her head resting on his side as if it were a pillow.
But the pillow was not soft at all. In fact, the sun-kissed F.B.I. inspector woke up and got up massaging her cervix.
He looked at his colleague who was still asleep and so attempted to contact his beloved Catherine by phone. She took her cell phone from the coffee table and dialed the number, but did not notice that it was dead, completely turned off.
<<What a fool I am! It is obvious that this thing needs to be recharged like the portable landline phone!>>, Cammarata said in a low voice, waking up Kaminsky anyway.
The inspector gave a yawn opening his mouth like a hippo, believing he was alone in his house.
<<Oops, excuse me Eva. But what are you still doing here in my house? Ah, I get it, Catherine didn’t come home and so you’ve been here all night, undauntedly trying for her to answer your phone, right?>>
<<Of course, good Filip, you are very perceptive, after all for becoming an inspector you must have had some qualities>>, replied the woman giving a bitter smile that did not go unnoticed by her colleague.
<<Go ahead and use the landline phone on the bedside table in the bedroom.>>
<<Thank you dear…>>
After a few minutes, Cammarata returned from the sleeping area:
<<I am very worried because she is still not answering her home phone, and I called the tailor’s shop where she works and they told me that she left last night at 6 p.m. Now it is still early, there is still a good half hour to go before she arrives, as usual, for work. I will try to call back in a while.
Where on earth will that fool have gone!”>>
Kamiński got up to go and soothe his colleague. He hugged her tenderly:
<<Come on Eva, calm down now, you will see that nothing happened. Why do you have to think bad?>>
<<I stay calm, I stay calm. It already happened that she came home late at night, but to stay out all night, no!
Listen, around 9:30 I’m still calling at the tailor’s shop, and if she hasn’t arrived at work yet, would you mind if we go to Gianni Versace’s fashion house? I inquire with her colleague and hairdresser friend Sophia if she happens to know anything that I don’t, if she had an appointment with someone.
Ah, I’ll leave your cell phone number at the tailor’s because, as far as I can see, it takes forever to charge mine.>>
<<Of course…go ahead>>

After a couple of hours Cammarata and Kaminsky were in the hair and makeup room of the Gianni Versace building.

<<Hi Sophia, this is Filip, you should remember him, he was also at your birthday party the other night.>>
<<Hi Eva, sure. Hi Filip.>>
<<Hello Sophia.>>
The inspector was able to get a better look at Catherine’s colleague, since the evening of her party was almost impossible for him because of the confusion of people around her: sweet face with very white skin and slightly freckled; long, red, straight hair descending gently over her shoulders.

<<Excuse me for bothering you. I’ve been trying to reach Catherine on the phone since last night, but she won’t answer. I called this morning at the tailor’s shop at 9:30 and she still hasn’t shown up for work.
Do you know if she had an appointment with anyone after 6 p.m. yesterday, maybe with some fashion agent?>>
<<No, I don’t know if she had any appointments outside of work, also because just tomorrow afternoon we have a meeting with more fashion agents, but here at the headquarters.>>
<<Whatever Sophia, thank you anyway. We’ll let you work, goodbye>>
Cammarata kissed the hairdresser and walked out of the building with Kaminsky, who could do nothing but assist his colleague, in her pains and anxieties about the untraceable lover.


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