“And here we are, dear listeners, with some business news….

Microsoft has launched Windows 3.0, regarded as a DOS-based program rather than a full-fledged operating system in its own right. Compared to its predecessors, however, it features a new, almost three-dimensional GUI in which programs can be run directly from their icons, rather than from the long list of .exe files.

… And now let’s turn again to a news story….

Evelyn Miller, a young nun at St. James Cathedral in Brooklyn, joins the late Patricia Williams and Emily Jones.
NYPD and F.B.I. are making a joint effort to unearth the person identified in a man as responsible for the disappearance of young Patricia and Emily, in his 40s, with long blond hair and blue eyes, about whom a sketch has been circulated. Investigations have revealed that his name is Steve, but it is very likely that this is not his real name.
It has not yet been disclosed, however, whether there may be a connection of Steve to Evelyn Miller…”

Cammarata driving the Cadillac turned off the car radio and said to Kaminsky sitting beside him:
<<Of course they run a lot these reporters, we are on our way now to Asante’s to bring the report and it is obvious that they have no news yet, about a possible correlation of Steve with the missing nun. News is circulating so fast that, at moments, we learn things from them first, without even having to resort to investigation. It has happened in the past that journalists, in order to get a scoop, have turned into detectives, risking their safety.>>

<<You are right Eva, imagine if there was a leak about the absurd story of Mother Superior Matilde.
Think of the embarrassment we would make to public opinion?>>
<<Even if…wanting…>>, asserted Cammarata with an edge in his voice as if ashamed of himself for saying so.
<<But how Eva? Even if wanting to?>> the inspector asked in amazement and thought before his colleague answered:
“I have already figured out where he is going with this. It often happens that when a person is desperate, he will resort to any means and rely on anyone as long as he can help one of his affections in distress, or when he fears that he might be in a dramatic situation.”
<<I mean that, if we wanted, we could give Sister Matilde Espinosa a try and that way we would check if indeed she is not so affected by senile omnipotence and maybe we would find the place where Steve resides.>>

<<No come on Eva, please! You had confirmed to me that even for you it was absolutely nonsense that she could locate Steve’s home by getting her personal items of the missing youths. It has not yet been 24 hours that you have not heard from Catherine. Don’t you think you are being overly apprehensive? What are we going to do? Do we get a pair of panties from your lover’s wardrobe and then hopefully go and take them to Sister Matilda? And then how do we convince Asante to authorize us to go to the Cathedral again with experts to help us understand the location. Of course, in such cases, we need the equipped people to help us, because Sister Matilde is not a living satellite computer.>>

Cammarata suddenly pulled the car over and stopped it. He put it in neutral and covered his face with his hands so as not to be seen that he was sobbing.
<<I am so sorry Eva, I was too harsh.>>
<<No, please, you are right Filip, I am too apprehensive. It’s just that I’m very much in love with Catherine and I’m terrified just at the thought of losing her forever, that she might die because of me.>>
<<But no, come on don’t talk nonsense, it will never be your fault anyway!>>, Kaminsky said to comfort her and hugged her, gently, caressing her face and wiping her tears with his handkerchief.


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