More than 72 hours passed and Cammarata had not heard from his Catherine again. By now his mistress was also officially missing.
The F.B.I. agent and the NYPD inspector were in Victor Asante’s office.

<<We received reports at the station that they thought they had seen identifiable people in Steve’s sketch, but they were not valid. Then, as sometimes unfortunately happens, there are imbeciles who have nothing to do but mythomaniacs. In short, we are really at a dead end.
Now we have the reported disappearance of Catherine Allen:
36 years old, an established seamstress working in the employ of “Eddie Expert Tailor.” A company that boasts among its clients the Fashion House of Gianni Versace. She no longer has her parents, who died in a car accident in 1984, and no relatives here in New York where she lives. But as a nasty twist of fate we have the missing person report from you, Lieutenant Cammarata.>>
The woman nodded and turned, observing Kamiński to her left with a veiledly despondent smile.

“Despite the ugly and sad situation, Eva is always impeccable in her attire. How beautiful she looks even today dressed in a light beige checked suit, with pants and tapered ankles highlighted by small black fishnet stockings. Her beautiful big dark eyes, made up with natural, light make-up and full lips with a pink veil of lipstick,” thought the inspector trying to give his colleague as encouraging a smile as possible.

Asante continued:
<<I read that you and Catherine live under the same roof and therefore are you together or mere friends?>>, he asked with a facial expression of the one who, however, already knew the answer.
<<We are together captain>>, replied the F.B.I. agent with great ease and impassivity.
A nonchalance that displaced the commander, who pretended to cough to cover the expression of astonishment on his face.
“You didn’t expect that did you? Insolent, overbearing black African!” the woman said to herself with satisfaction.

<<Look, I was already making arrangements to remove you from your post and ask for your replacement, because you understand me that it is not at all appropriate to entrust a case to people who are affectively involved! But, evidently, there are figures in the F.B.I. who hold positions that are very high up and therefore influential, who care a great deal about you Lieutenant Cammarata. You will always accompany Lieutenant Kamiński in the “Missing young women” investigation.>>

The woman gave a sly smile blushing a little on her cheeks.

<<We now return to Catherine. I don’t think, however, that she can be included in the list of missing young women because of the following assumptions: their average age is 23 years old, while her partner is 36 years old; moreover, we have ascertained that our suspect and wanted Steve has been appealing with his charm to young women. And I would say that should not have happened with Catherine, right lieutenant?>>
Cammarata gestured yes with her head, but Inspector Kaminsky noticed that she did not look too convinced by her facial expression.

<<Finally, the experts who are studying Steve’s profile say that he may have kidnapped Catherine, twisting his maniacal plans, precisely because he knows her Cammarata, or she Kaminsky and therefore wants to strike out on the affections to weaken the investigation, while exposing himself more to risk. But if this hypothesis were real, then we would be dealing with a person, very, very dangerous and methodical.>>
“It is indeed the same thing I had thought myself, but I certainly could not share it with Eva who was already emotionally fragile,” the inspector said to himself, and looking at his colleague’s face he noticed that she had turned pale.

The briefing ended. Cammarata and Kaminsky left the NYPD office and went to a bar. They sat at a secluded table ordering a coffee each.
<<How come Eva, when Asante said…that shouldn’t have happened with Catherine…you nodded but didn’t seem too convinced?>>
<<Because my partner is not like me, she also likes men. Just think that when we met she was with a model, whom she later dumped to get together with me.>>
<<And tell me another curiosity, who is so high up in the F.B.I. that she cares so much about you to the point of making Captain Asante change his mind?>>
<<She is a woman, but she is not in the F.B.I she is in the government party of George H. W. Bush but I cannot tell you the name, it is top secret. She cares a lot about me because she is a former flame of mine, we were together back in the days that we attended the same university at Columbia University.

The inspector did not comment and said:
<<Tomorrow we will go to the Versace Fashion House with the sketch, I don’t know whether to hope to have news about it or not, because in case we find someone who recognizes the man and thinks he saw him, the situation will become very complex.>>
<<I fully agree with you Filip!>>, confirmed Cammarata, looking into the back of the bar with a blank and worried gaze.


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