<<I did not notice any outsiders in our environment in the days leading up to Catherine’s disappearance. It appeared to me that there were only the usual everyday staff: fabric representatives and fashion agents included>>, said Sophia, in a moved voice at Cammarata’s question that, contrary to a few days earlier, she had shown up at the Versace Fashion House as a detective along with Kaminsky, after asking some questions to other employees as well.

“Sophia looks really good with her hair up in a bun. Her oval face is even more enhanced. White skin and freckles, she is definitely of Irish descent. I wonder if she also had a love affair with the fellow seamstress, since in these fashion show circles, promiscuous pairings are the order of the day,” thought the inspector as he smiled at the hairdresser whose green eyes were shiny with tears and said:
<<It’s 11 o’clock Eva, factotum Oliver should be back from the errand round. Let’s go show him Steve’s sketch. Although he may have already seen it in the newspapers, rather than in some TV news, it is still different the talk asking him to focus better on the same.>>
<<Okay Filip, hello Sophia.>>
<<Hello to both of you. Let me know then right away, Eva, when there is good news about Catherine, hopefully…>>
<<Of course dear…we hope.>>

Oliver was busy arranging items on the shelves in the large bright room used for storage as Cammarata and Kaminsky arrived.

<<Good morning Mr. Oliver Martin, we are disturbing you for some questions>>, said the inspector showing him his identification card and so did the F.B.I. agent.
<<Good morning to you, tell me…>>
<<Have you ever seen this individual recently? In the last 2,3 weeks?>>
Kaminsky asked, showing a sheet of paper depicting Steve’s sketch.

<<No, I don’t think so…>>
<<Observe him better please, the shape of his face, the expression of his eyes, and concentrate. Maybe you might think of something>>, Cammarata said.

The factotum carefully scrutinized the features drawn on the paper by tilting his head, up is down, a couple of times. He then looked at the interlocutors in front of him and then did the same action again until finally:

<<Yes, I actually remember this individual now. He was a messenger boy who brought us a package. It came to my mind just now because his hair was pulled back into a ponytail, whereas, in this sketch, it is loose.>>

<<Don’t you remember how many days ago?>> Cammarata asked in an excited tone of voice.
<<Just a moment, just a moment I look at the delivery notes>>, replied
Oliver Martin who went to a table at the back of the room. He quickly turned on the shelf and said aloud
<<Here is the bubble! came precisely 5 days ago.>>

Dusk had fallen on the island of Manhattan and life continued despite the fact that potential criminals were circulating on the streets. Murderers who may not have known they were becoming like that until they would eliminate their fellow human beings for valid or futile reasons. There was a terrible murderer who ate his victims. He was a cannibal of women and had a human features. Cammarata and Kaminsky were on his trail but did not yet know that they were dealing with a devourer of human flesh, or at least they did not want to believe the metaphysical visions of Mother Superior Matilde Espinosa that could lead them to him.
But the desperation was stronger than the disbelief of the F.B.I. agent, who was thinking about the words she had said to her NYPD colleague just before she left him in front of her abode.
The woman was jogging on the Brooklyn Bridge as car headlights illuminated her thoughtful face.
She left behind her the tall Gothic tower on which stood the bronze plaque, “Erected by the cities of New York and Brooklyn.” To his right was the beautiful and mighty Statue of Liberty all lit up.

<<I decided Filip!>>
<<What? >>
<<Let’s go to Sister Matilda’s. I absolutely have to do it, I can’t leave any avenue unturned!>>
<<But Commander Asante will never give us permission, and I already told you that we need a specialized team!>>
<<I know, I know, it means that I will still resort to my friend from the party of George H. W. Bush.>>

<<But look Eva I am risking my job though, because it would mean bypassing Asante.>>
<<I know…>>

Kaminsky got out of the car shaking his head without greeting his colleague.


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