“As we imagined. The dispatcher had no employees matching Steve’s sketch. So we are dealing with a criminal professional who definitely posed as a deliveryman in their employ and acted undisturbed, sneaking into Gianni Versace’s fashion house. He aggravated my Catherine in this way. She betrayed me with a man, but I’m afraid really with a wrong lover, cruel, a monster!” said Cammarata on the phone with Kamiński in a pained tone of voice.

“Come on now Eva, cheer up! Tomorrow we will go to St. James Cathedral and you will see that your Catherine was not kidnapped by Steve too. Otherwise, if she was, it would mean that she knows our movements and therefore we would also be in danger, especially you. As Commander Asante rightly argued.”
“I really hope Filip that you are right, but all the clues lead right to Steve. Anyway I really thank you from the bottom of my heart that you are risking your job for me.”
“You’re welcome dear, you know I love you.”

The fateful day of the meeting with Mother Superior Matilde Espinosa arrived.

It was a late morning in early winter and, the damp air in the misty sky over Brooklyn ideally raised the curtain on the unusual spectacle that was taking place inside St. James Cathedral. The nun, with clairvoyant powers, was sitting in the armchair in her semi-darkened room used as a library. Across from her, two meters away, was seated in a chair only Inspector Kamiński. Only he and the nun in the room because Cammarata and three other F.B.I. officers were sitting in an adjoining room. Only audio, not video, transmission equipment was allowed to follow the visionary narrative of the likely cannibal man live, without the possibility of recordings. Watching over them was the sacristan of the diocese.
Sister Matilde had in her hands used dark pantyhose that had belonged to the missing Catherine. The stockings blended in with the black hue of the nun’s tunic. The three agents and Cammarata had maps and notepads in their hands to jot down details that could be crucial in order to locate where Steve might be hiding. Kaminsky, on the other hand, was not, he could only be the eyewitness to that event, relying on his memory and concentration, also trying to guide, somehow, Matilde in her visions without being influenced by the anomalous situation.

<<I see him. I see him from behind but he is no longer blond, he is dark and has short hair and is completely naked>>, the nun said in a low tone of voice, keeping her eyes half-closed. The three officers looked at each other with the expression of those who were there by force, forced to listen to delusional phrases of an old nun. Instead, Cammarata stared at the white checked sheet of her notepad, with the expression of the one who was there, desperately hoping that she could convince herself that the clairvoyant could help her find her beloved Catherine. But the atmosphere was becoming horribly ghostly and distressing.

<<How can mother say he is the man we are looking for? She told me he had long blond hair>>, Kaminsky said in a low voice.

<<I’m sure it’s him because I recognize the same gloomy environment he lives in, from my vision of the previous time. And then I see that he is holding the same usual axe.>>
<<Don’t you see anything else?>>
<<Wait a minute inspector, let me concentrate!>>, replied the mother superior in an annoyed tone and started using the pantyhose as if she were a bloodhound.>>

“What the heck is this one doing!” thought Kaminsky highlighting disgust on his face.

<<He laid the axe on a shelf. Now he has turned around and I can see his eyes. They are blue. He walks over to a naked woman sitting on the floor and she is terrified.
Her mouth is taped shut and she is tied at the wrist by a chain attached to the wall.>>

As Cammarata thought, “Come on Filip! Ask her if she can describe the woman!”, Kamiński asked:
<<Can she describe the woman to us?>>
Sister Matilde Espinosa closed her eyes and emitted sharp verses from her mouth for a few seconds, similar to the squeaking caused by a poorly oiled gate. The verses seemed interminable to the officers and detectives there. Then he finally spoke, always in a low tone of voice:
<<She has blond bob hair and her wide, terrified eyes are green.>>
Cammarata began to weep profusely and tried very hard not to sob. He absolutely had to hold on, not to be overcome with despondency. He had to do it for his beloved Catherine. He had to be strong. There was a faint hope that from that absurd and unreal sitting the place where the monster was holed up could be located.

<<Now the man took a syringe and gave the woman an injection….
The woman immediately fell asleep. The man freed her from the chain, lifted her by weight and laid her on a marble table. I then see that he tied her around the waist with a large rope to the board.>>

More seconds of absolute and seemingly interminable silence passed. A silence that presaged something very horrifying.

Mother Superior put her hands over her face and said in a whiny voice:
<<It is horrible, I don’t know if you are able to bear what I am about to describe to you!>>

Kamiński thought intensely about the suffering his colleague was going through and in the hope that she would endure, he exclaimed with conviction:
<<Continue Sister Matilde!>>

<<He chopped off with firm blows, using the axe, first the whole right arm and then the left arm. Blood splashed profusely a little in the buckets and a little on him and everywhere around. The poor victim at the slicing of the first arm opened wide his eyes, which turned red, but then closed them immediately. I guess she fainted from the pain. I don’t think she died. Her executioner took the arms away and came back with a glass that he stuck in the bucket. He filled it with blood. Then he severed, with a large knife, some fresh meat from the severed shoulder as well. Perhaps it is better that I don’t tell you what he did next… >>

<<No, no, no! Better not please!>>, said the inspector who took a handkerchief from his pocket and covered his mouth since he was gagging. They did the same thing the three officers
of the F.B.I. who were in the adjoining room, while Cammarata fainted as he fell from his chair. Kamiński heard the noise and got up to go look. As soon as he crossed the threshold he saw two officers who were helping his colleague get up and sit down again and the sacristan who was bringing her a glass of water.

<<How are you feeling Eva? Maybe we should end here?>>
<<No Filip, absolutely not! Ask her at this point if she can figure out the location where Steve is! We don’t have time to waste, every second is crucial to succeed in rescuing Catherine!>>
<<Okay, I’m going that way right now!>>

Matilde Espinosa seemed to be in a trance. Her eyes were half-closed. But Kaminsky did not demur and in an excited tone asked her:
<<Please Sister Matilde, tell us if you can figure out where the cannibal is!>>

Mother Superior opened her eyes and said:
<<The house I saw is still the same one I mentioned to you in our previous meeting, Inspector:
a large brown and gray house surrounded by greenery. It is probably in the suburbs of New York City…>>
<<All right, try to concentrate and give us some references that can make us understand at least the area, as precisely as possible!>>

Mother Superior gave a resentful look, closed her eyes and made another cry while keeping her mouth shut. A verse similar to a cruise ship siren.
<<I still see trees and water. I see a big park, baseball fields, low houses with blue roofs. They are precisely three houses next to each other and they look like oriental-style buildings with more staggered roofs. They would not look like residences, though, but rather like housing facilities and, all around, a very large green garden…. >>

<<Bingo! Our man’s house is definitely in the Waterfront Park area in Raritan Bay!”>>

Said one of the three F.B.I. agents with bushy black beards, standing up and waving his notepad and map.


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