It was the early hours of the morning, and three packed F.B.I. cruisers were proceeding briskly on the Garden State Parkway. In the lead one sat, in the back seats, Strike Team Commander Miller, Cammarata, and Kamiński. Miller was laying out to his colleagues the plan for raiding the Cannibal’s house, holding a paper map in his hands.

<<This is the home of Axel Moreau, our man who calls himself Steve. The mansion, which as you know belongs to his father, wealthy French businessman Edmonde Moreau, is isolated in the eastern suburban part of Waterfront Park. We will arrive in about ten minutes at this point and then run 500 meters to the west side of the house, precisely here, about fifty meters away from it, where there are some plants behind which we can hide. On my signal we will break into the building by dividing into 3 groups of 4 elements: one through the box area, one from the entrance and finally from this side where there is a large window.
You will follow my group entering at the entrance. Be sure to enter the house, however, only after my signal. All clear? >>

<<Yes, all clear captain!>>, Kamiński and Cammarata replied in unison.

The NYPD inspector noticed that Miller, dressed in a dark camouflage suit, looked so much like Sylvester Stallone as Rambo. He was so similar to the actor, in the way he spoke, gesticulation, slightly crooked mouth and prominent chin, that it seemed to him that he was living in an unreal situation, in a cinematic fiction, but he quickly realized that he was living a naked and stark reality, observing Cammarata who had a pulled facial expression.
<<Are you sure Eva you are ready? You don’t have to enter the house>>, Kaminsky said in a low voice, as Miller communicated by means of the two-way radio with his subordinates from the other flyers.
<<Yes Filip, don’t worry. I’m ready!”>>

<<We’ll be down soon! We are here!>>, ordered the commander of the special squad.
Kamiński and Cammarata quickly donned a blue waterproof jacket with white FBI lettering on the back, before placing their feet on the ground. Under it they were already carrying an armpit holster containing a colt.
They were followed by military personnel equipped with body armor, night-vision goggles, tear gas canisters, gas masks, protective helmets, machine guns, sniper rifles, high beam grenades and stingers.
“What an effort guys! These are all younger than I am, what a struggle to keep up with them!” the inspector thought as the whole group ran.
The air was very humid and the breathlessness coming out of his mouth made him look like a small steam train.
The whole special squad arrived about fifty yards from the cannibal’s house and scattered into three groups of four elements who hid behind some plants. Commander Miller raised his right hand and gestured in a circle, with his index and middle fingers together, toward the squad to his right and tilted his forearm in one motion. Then he did the same thing to the team on his left but then tilted his forearm with two movements.
The first team immediately ran to the right side of the building, while the second team ran to the back of the building. Finally the commander made a simple gesture with his head and rocketed off toward the entrance of Moreau’s mansion, followed by his squad and last Kaminsky and Cammarata. One soldier smashed through the front door with a metal battering ram. After that, another threw tear gas canisters inside.
They all donned gas masks and went inside with their weapons drawn except for Kaminsky and Cammarata who remained outside to wait.

Several minutes passed and there was an unusual silence.
<<But how long are they taking Filip!>>, said the woman in an anguished tone of voice.
<<Come on Eva, rest assured that in a little while they will tell us to come in…>>
Out of the building came Commander Miller:
<<There is no one there! Everything seems to be clean except for the basement where there is a lot of dirt. However, in a few hours the forensic team will arrive here to do the survey. We did, however, find something interesting. It would be better for you to come inside and see just you Kaminsky. I advise you Cammarata to wait outside for a moment longer.


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