Victor Asante was giving an earful to Kamiński, who was present at his NYPD office, for overruling him with Cammarata in the “Missing young women” investigation.
But the inspector did not seem to mind, for he was still reeling from what had happened on the morning of that day, from the failure of the raid on the cannibal’s house and especially from the misfortune that had befallen his F.B.I. colleague.
Fragmentary flashes flowed through Kamiński’s memory as he looked at the face before him of the African-American commander but thought of something else:

“…Miller who asked the inspector to enter the abode of Axel Moreau who had now disappeared. At the entrance there was light and everything was in order, clean and furnished as befits a normal dwelling. But in the dimly lit basement there was a lot of dirt and he had confirmation of the presence of furnishings and other things that Mother Superior Matilde Espinosa had partly described in her vision: the marble table and above it a large rope, a chain attached to the wall, shelves on which were stored various tools, among them a large steel scissor cutter, which left no room for doubt as to its use.

<<Now Kamiński follow me upstairs that I have to show you that thing I was telling you about earlier and I don’t know if I should show it to Eva Cammarata>>, Miller said.
The inspector went upstairs and the foreman accompanied him to a room adjoining the kitchen. There was a chest freezer and it was opened by Miller who, before sticking his hand inside, looked into Kamiński’s eyes as if asking him for permission.
After a few minutes they exited the house and Miller, standing in front of the entrance, watched the NYPD inspector walk up to his colleague who was in an obvious state of dismay.
<<Eva I’m going to tell you something now, I have to tell you, but promise me that you will be strong and not go off the deep end because our job, unfortunately, does not allow us to be susceptible to emotional, even affective, feelings. Will you promise me that? >>
<Yes, yes, tell me everything Filip, I can’t take this waiting anymore, it’s unnerving me too much!>>, replied the woman nervously, almost struggling to pronounce the words correctly.
<<In the house there is a freezer and there are well-packaged human remains inside, with a label attached and a name written on it. >>

<<No! No! No!>>, exclaimed Cammarata desperately aloud and as she was about to cry her eyes out, Kamiński hugged her to comfort her and accompanied his colleague’s head to her shoulder so that she could tear freely and the fabric of her jacket muffled the cries of uncontainable sorrow… “

<<So inspector? You have nothing to say in your own defense?”>>, Asante asked, waking his subordinate in a trance-like state.
Kamiński widened his eyes and replied with a laconic, dry reply:
<<Consider yourself suspended from the post of inspector for at least three months and hand over your badge and gun to me. And consider yourself lucky that your colleague Cammarata has very high connections that prevented me from firing you outright!”>>

Kamiński placed the requested items on the commander’s desk and as he was leaving sadly, Asante asked him:
<<Ah, I was forgetting: also the keys to the Cadillac, so much so, since his former colleague was always chauffeuring her…>>
<<Okay, I’ll leave them down at the concierge desk for Alison because on the car is the cell phone. So I’ll return that to her as well.>>
<<Yeah, that’s right, I was forgetting about that cell phone devilry too!>>, exclaimed the commander.

“Fuck you go! Fucking asante!”>>, thought the former inspector and left without saying goodbye and slamming the door.

Kamiński walked out of the NYPD headquarters and as soon as he got to the Cadillac he heard his cell phone ring. He opened the door, picked it up and answered it without looking at the calling number on the display:
<<Hello Filip! It’s Eva here. It’s about time you answered!”>>
And without Kaminsky even having time to justify himself in any way, he spoke over the woman to him:
<<I’m in front of the entrance to St. James Cathedral and I plan to go to Sister Matilde Espinosa and go over some things with her. I am convinced that she has not told us everything about this horrible story. With good or bad manners she must receive me, absolutely!>>

<<No! Wait for me Eva! Don’t do anything silly!>>, Kaminsky implored. But the colleague disconnected the telephone connection.


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