In a dimly lit room, the cannibal unfolded a large roll of brown cloth on a table. Inside were two arms with hands, all smeared with stale blood. He wiped them clean using a rag soaked in alcohol. A dummy consisting of human remains, only legs and torso without head, was placed on a large wooden cross hanging on the wall. The monster grabbed his arms and as he was about to go to the dummy, he turned around because he heard behind him the door open.
<<Bonsoir mademoiselle Eva Cammarata, comment va-tus?>>, said Axel Moreau, in perfect French pronunciation, as soon as he noticed that she had entered the room, the F.B.I. agent holding in her hands a colt pointed at him.

“How in the world did my Catherine fall in love with such a monster? He really has the face of a psychopath!” thought the woman, who then said:
<<Put those arms on the table right away and then raise your hands, if you make one little rash movement, I will shoot a bullet in your forehead and I guarantee you that I have unerring aim!>>
<<Mais oui, my dear, don’t worry, give me time>>, said mockingly the cannibal who, slowly executing what the woman dictated, began to speak again ironically, trying to condition her psychologically.
<<If you are angry because I won your woman’s heart, rest assured that I did not fuck her or even lick her pussy as she eagerly asked me.>>
<<You bastard! You just shut up, you just shut up, got it? don’t play with my now shaky patience, because I’ll kill you like a dog!>>
<<Oh mon Dieu, all right all right, if I tell you though that I ate his heart? Just like that, fresh and raw, just ripped out of his chest and it was delicious!>>
<<Enough! Now I’m going to kill you!>>, shouted Cammarata who, keeping his gun pointed at the cannibal with his right hand, grabbed his cell phone with his left hand from the large pocket of his waterproof jacket. He pressed only a memorized key and said in a low voice:
“Come on Kaminsky, why don’t you fucking answer it!”
<<Ah, ah, ah, nobody can ever answer you in here, this room is all shielded by electromagnetic waves. Didn’t you wonder that it was all too easy to walk into the cathedral and get this far undisturbed?>>, Moreau said, pointing with her head to look to her right at a wooden coat rack.
The woman, as she put her cell phone back in her pocket, saw that there hung a latex mask with black hair.
<<I could have guessed it was you masquerading as a Sexton! What a fool I was!”>>

The cannibal nodded his head, smiling.

<<Of course dear.>>
<<Don’t call me dear, you big piece of shit!>>
<<Oh, how irritable and ungrateful you are. The day you were in the room next door and fainted because of your love Catherine, I immediately came to help you up and you treat me like this?>>
<<Stop it, stop it! Look I’m going to kill you now!>>
<<Mon amour, why are you acting like this? Ah love, love, I cut Catherine’s arms off by first administering sleeping pills in her vein so she wouldn’t suffer too much. Of course, at the first severed arm she suffered a little, clear, but then she immediately fainted…>>

Tears flowed profusely from Cammarata’s eyes, and as she was about to pull the trigger, she fell to the ground as she was struck from behind by a blunt instrument. But the woman still made it in time to fire a gunshot.

<<Oh mon Dieu, what a great woman! The bullet passed within a span of my ear. Those are great emotions!”>>


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