The night was coming on and it was shaping up to be very cold and gloomy. Filip Kamiński, before leaving in the Cadillac from the NYPD headquarters, made another attempt to call from his cell phone to Cammarata’s, but he was not getting a line. So he tried several more times on the way to St. James Cathedral, as he found a lot of traffic. At each stop of car queues he always made a telephone attempt. But there was nothing to be done.
He finally arrived at his destination. Before getting out of the car, he tried for the umpteenth time to contact Cammarata on his cell phone.
“Unload! Whatever, who cares, I’m here anyway!” he thought, and so he left his phone device on the seat.

Once he placed his feet on the asphalt, he could not help but notice that the streets seemed sadder because of an unusual silence around the large church. And the lights of the street lamps seemed to flicker as if they too were cold. The former inspector looked up at the sky and saw nothing, being cloudy and black as ebony.
A chill struck Kaminsky and so he hurriedly headed for the back entrance of the cathedral.
He rang the bell at the entrance and waited. After a few seconds the sexton with his usual abundant carryover of dyed black hair and hound-dog look opened the door.
<<Good evening Mr. Kamiński, Sister Matilde was waiting for you with her colleague Cammarata. Please come in and I will accompany you.>>
<<Thank you, very kind, Mr.? I don’t even know your name?>>
<<My name is Axel Moreau or you can just call me Steve…>>, said the orderly turning to the former inspector, smiling and showing a rolling pin held with his right hand.
Kamiński did not even have time to realize what was happening, that he was hit on the forehead by the blunt instrument and fell to the ground unconscious.
After a few minutes he woke up slowly as a result of light slaps on his face.
<<Oh…Bonjour inspector, you are finally here among us>>, said the cannibal who took off the sexton’s mask, standing in front of him.

“You bastard, you? Isn’t it possible?” thought Kamiński, widening his eyes and unable to speak as his mouth was taped shut.
He then realized, regaining his senses, that he was sitting on top of a chair, with his hands tied behind his back and his ankles bound.
<<And now I have a surprise for you, mon ami>>, said the monster, moving to the side and leaving a clear view in front of the prisoner.
Kamiński closed and reopened his eyes, several times, not believing what he saw at the back of the room. And then he closed them, never opening them again, for the sight was horrifying, and drops of tears ran down his cheeks from the great heartbreak that was assailing his heart. Cammarata was cut into multiple body pieces fixed on a large wooden cross hanging on the wall. But he ascertained that it was not quite as he had seen, but that unfortunately, yes, his former colleague was still dead.

<<Dear Inspector, this is a chef-d’oeuvre, wanted precisely by my master who is, however, a woman, and what a woman! The mother superior of this beautiful cathedral.>>
<<Okay, okay, that’s enough now Axel, shut up! I will now explain everything to Inspector Kamiński.>>

The prisoner opened his eyes and looked in the direction from where the voice came: sideways to his right, and saw sitting in an armchair Matilde Espinosa, dressed in her usual black tunic. He then closed his eyes again but was forced to listen because he could not plug his ears.
Meanwhile, the cannibal left the room.

<<Hello Kaminsky, here we are again in my library transformed, however, into a sacrificial place of worship. He must consider himself a lucky man because tonight he is witnessing an epic religious event. What he has seen is a cross, and fixed on it is a body made up of various human pieces of the women who killed and partly ate our cannibal:
the right leg is Patricia Williams, the left leg is Emily Jones, the torso is my sister Sister Evelyn Martin, the arms are Catherine Allen’s and, last but not least, the head is his now former colleague Eva Cammarata’s…>>

“Fuck my head is spinning and I have the worst headache I’ve ever experienced! These brutal and horrible emotions I think are killing me. Maybe it’s for the best, I’d rather die before these monster bastards finish me off,” Kaminsky said to himself as the crazy religious woman continued her monologue.

<<…this is the sacrificial gift that was asked of me personally by Mary of Nazareth, the mother of Jesus. One night many years ago she appeared to me in a dream and asked that after her son, the savior of the world, there should have been a woman in sacrifice, composed, however, of several parts of women, which were to be four to honor the father, the son and the holy spirit, but then Eva Cammarata was, as they say, the icing on the cake.
The first two victims-Patricia and Emily-were carefully chosen by Axel, while my sister was not! That fool had found out that the sexton was another person and that was precisely Axel and so I had made her believe that I had fired him. But then I had to have her eliminated by the cannibal, who then enjoyed her flesh and then she came good to be part of the masterpiece she had just seen. Moreover, Evelyn brought us Catherine and her Eva Cammarata to complete the sacrificial masterpiece. Thanks then to you, dear Filip Kamiński, who first took the bait on my whole staging of clairvoyance. It was child’s play for me and I must say also great fun to the point of leading you to Axel’s lair and then here, directly to me with the last piece, Cammarata’s head.
Me now, it’s time for her to die as well because time is running out and then we’ll have to clean up everything in here. Come here Axel!>>

<<I’m coming, I’m coming Sister Matilde.>>
<<But what are you doing with the guns in the hands of the two policemen, you have to kill him with the knife!>>

The monster held a colt in each hand and said:
<<That beautiful, mon Dieu, just like in western movies I want to do, use both of them at the same time.>>

Kaminsky heard a series of gunshots and heartrending screams. The gunshots were not aimed at him. In fact, he opened his eyes and saw Matilde Espinosa wide-eyed and lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

<<Au revoir>>, said the cannibal and walked away.

Kaminsky did not open his eyes again because he became ill.


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