JULY 15, 1997

In a room with all white walls and a single bed, there was a man seated in a chair who was watching a musical show on TV when he was interrupted for a breaking news report:
“Dear viewers, we bring you tragic news. Gianni Versace has been brutally murdered with two gunshots in front of his Miami Beach mansion…”

A hand turned off the television set.

<<Bonjour Filip, comment allez-vous? It has been a few years and I see that he is still in a bad way, honestly I am very sorry.>>
The man sitting was Kamiński while the visitor was Axel Moreau.

<<I see that because of the stroke, despite the fact that his mouth is a little crooked and the right side of his body is paralyzed, he still hasn’t aged much. I’m glad the nurse keeps you clean-shaven with your beautiful red mustache. As you can see, I, on the other hand, have a few wrinkles, am completely bald and have grown a bit of a full beard that is, however, white. It ages me a lot…>>

Kamiński tried to speak but could not. He emitted some unintelligible verse from his mouth.

<<..and I see that she still cannot utter a single word. She will not believe it but I love her. When Sister Matilde had ordered me to kill her, I did not hesitate for a second to eliminate the nun instead. I couldn’t take it anymore from the old woman; she had become obsessive, paranoid.
I was her servant for many years out of gratitude for saving me from the total abyss. When I came to America I was very young and got mixed up in a dangerous drug ring. I was arrested and met Sister Matilde in prison who was working for the recovery of young people who had fallen into the maelstrom of crime. I had discovered my cannibal nature when one day I had severely cut myself in a carpentry workshop, a supplier to St. James Cathedral. The fresh flesh of my arm gave off an irresistible scent, and I ate a piece of it. See, it’s this arm, look at that long scar. I told Mother Superior about it. She was very enthusiastic and began a great work of circumvention on me. I was indeed still very young.

Dear Inspector, you must understand that freedom is beautiful. You know this very well, who, thanks to the fall of the Berlin Wall, was able to move here to America. But you see, freedom has a price. How many innocent people died to get it? After World War II, mankind managed to recover and was able to work honestly again and feed their children and evolve. But not everyone, as you well know who used to be a policeman, is honest and selfless, quite the contrary….
And so, most likely, there will be in the new millennium another great war and yet it will be a catastrophe of no return, as nature will also turn against man, that is, there will be severe climatic repercussions caused by our wicked behavior.
Well, despite cultural, scientific and economic growth in all areas, hunger will be the real apocalypse, the real catastrophe of the world.
I consider myself a forerunner of the food that will be of the future: cannibalism.
But now, thanks to you, Kamiński, I am healing from cannibalism, which I consider a disease. I have not eaten human flesh since Catherine. When I saw tears streaming down her face, that night in the cathedral, from the sight of her former colleague’s severed head, I really didn’t feel like eating even a piece of her flesh.
Every now and then I go to bring flowers to Eva Cammarata’s casket. I do this for you, inspector, since you are obviously unable to do so.
As long as you are alive I will assist you and come to visit you to refresh you, in the hope that one day you will get well. I sincerely hope so.
I salute you Filip, au revoir….

Axel Moreau kissed Kamiński on the forehead, put his Walkman headphones on his head, and left humming a Depeche Mode song:

I feel you
Your sun it shines
I feel you
Within my mind
You take me there
You take me where
The kingdom comes
You take me to
And lead me through Babylon…

– Cannibalism is intraspecific predation, or the practice of eating organisms belonging to one’s own species. In zoology it occurs when individuals of an animal species attack and devour other members of the same species due, generally, to unfavorable environmental conditions although, in some species, it is normal custom. Relative to the human species, anthropology refers to anthropophagy, which instead indicates when a carnivorous organism feeds, preferentially or otherwise, on humans (these are predominantly large predators at the highest trophic level of the food chain); in a general sense anthropophagy is commonly synonymous with human cannibalism and is a practice still common among some societies. –

The End

“The Cannibal of Women” by #carlobianchiorbis.



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