The blue Cadillac arrived at the corner of Jay Street and Cathedral Place in downtown Brooklyn. Once the car was parked, Kamiński and Cammarata headed to the secondary entrance of St. James Cathedral.
The inspector paused for a few moments to observe the facade of the religious structure. It was a red brick building with 3 wooden main entrance doors of the same size and above them, three large windows on the same axis line. Finally, a central bell tower that rose into the sky. The man ended his gaze toward the blueness, mixed with a late autumn grayness.

<<What’s the matter Filip? Have you never seen a church? >>
<<This church reminds me a lot of the one in Messina, the city of my ex-girlfriend in the days of my youth. Romina was very religious and she insisted that I accompany her to mass on Sundays even though I was not a believer. And I still am not to this day. Are you Eva a believer? >>
<<Say yes, in my own way. But now come on, let’s go inside! Let’s not stand here and have a debate about religions and beliefs now!>>
The secondary entrance led inside the back part of the cathedral, behind the altar. They were escorted by the sacristan to a room where Mother Superior Matilde Espinosa was waiting for them.

<<Please be seated>>, said the orderly with a hound dog look: drooping cheeks and eyelids covering the eyes. The man also had a copious carryover of dyed black hair.
<<Good morning Sister Matilde, I am F.B.I. agent Lieutenant Eva Cammarata, and this is Inspector Filip Kamiński of the NYPD.>>
<<All right, you don’t need to show me your identification card, I trust>>, said the elderly nun dressed in the classic black robe, sitting on an armchair.
The room was lit by the sun’s rays coming through a single large window and was almost all furnished with wooden shelving furniture.
All the shelves were filled with the books that were also placed on a solid wood, walnut-colored desk positioned near the window.
One had the distinct impression that the room was a study used as a library.

The woman had an alert look, despite her presumable age of well over seventy, a large prominent nose above a closed mouth, slightly smiling and reassuring.

<<Forgive me Lieutenant Cammarata but you are not desired here to ask me the questions, please want to leave the room. I will answer only to Inspector Kamiński>>, said Sister Espinosa in a firm tone.
<<But how?>>, said the F.B.I. officer turning to his colleague with an incredulous look.
Kamiński opened his eyes wide in disappointment.
<<I’m sorry but these are my terms here in the house of the Lord, take it or leave it.>>
Cammarata resigned and walked out of the room stymied without saying goodbye.

<<Here we are inspector, just the two of us, don’t ask me the usual ritual questions because I already know what might have happened to my dear sister Evelyn. You, however, must trust me. There is no need for you to record my statements with an audio device or even take notes since, what I will tell you, you will remember perfectly by heart, believe me. Are you, therefore, ready to listen to me?>>

<<Yes, all right>>, replied Kamiński looking at Sister Matilde with an astonished face and curling his blond mustache.


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