In a dimly lit room, the cannibal unfolded a large roll of brown cloth on a table. Inside were two arms with hands, all smeared with stale blood. He wiped them clean using a rag soaked in alcohol. A dummy consisting of human remains, only legs and torso without head, was placed on a large wooden cross hanging on the wall. The monster grabbed his arms and as he was about to go to the dummy, he turned around because he heard behind him the door open….

Several hours earlier…

In the cannibal’s lair was the usual loud music of Depeche Mode, playing in the sinister background:

“Words like violence.
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little world
Painful to me
Pierce right through me
Can’t you understand?
Oh, my little girl…”

In the dark basement the naked blond girl, her mouth taped shut, could be glimpsed sitting on the floor. She was bound with a chain to her hand, attached to the wall, and her green eyes were terrified, seeing her blue-eyed executioner coming toward her. They were no longer the eyes of romance and passion, but glacial, full of cruelty and death. The man was also naked but not predisposed to make love to the woman but to play gruesome and inhuman games on her.

<<Bonjour mademoiselle Catherine, how are you? Oh yeah, what a fool! You can’t answer me, your mouth is plugged>>, said the cannibal sarcastically in a French accent and continued:
<<With this nice syringe I’ll give you a shot in the arm and that way you’ll sleep peacefully. I do not know, however, if with what I will do to you in a little while, you will not feel pain.>>

The man gave the inoculation to the woman, who immediately fell asleep after a few seconds. Then he freed her from the chain and picked her up by weight to lay her on a marble table. He tied her around the waist with a thick rope to the board.

<<What a pity to have to cut off your arms and not be able to eat them. It’s such a shame!>>, said the cannibal holding a hatchet with his right hand.
With several firm blows between the humerus and the scapula, he severed both limbs from the woman’s body. At the first stroke of the blade Catherine’s eyes went wide and filled with blood. Screams of excruciating pain were suppressed by the tape over her mouth. The woman’s eyes closed again. Copious amounts of blood splattered on the monster’s naked body, on the ground and also in buckets placed at the victim’s sides.
The cannibal picked up the severed arms that had fallen to the floor and carried them to another room. He returned to the slaughter room with a glass in his hand. He slipped it into the bucket to fill it with fresh blood. He placed it on a shelf and from the same took a large blade.

<<Merveilleux my love, now I really want to enjoy some fresh meat from your shoulder blade. It is little but it is the tastiest.>>
So he used the knife and ate some of it raw by passing it from his hand to his mouth and drank some blood from the glass he had answered on the shelf.
After that he touched her tonsils to see if she was still alive.
<<Trés bien, she is still alive!>>, said the monster in a low voice.

The music of Depeche Mode ended as the monster continued the slaughter on Catherine’s body….

… All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm.”


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